KML Generator v0.1

This was hacked up in the time it took me to eat lunch (and then shake a load of graham cracker crumbs out of the keyboard), so there are neither bells nor whistles and nothing beyond the most basic error checking. So (a) be careful, and (b) don't expect too much. The testing I did to make sure it actually works was, um, "cursory", so if it breaks somewhere or doesn't work as advertised let me know in the thread and I'll see what I can do.

Input is in the form of comma- or space-delimited latitude and longitude coordinates, one couplet per line. Output can be either a folder of placemarks, or a linestring-type path.

It's fairly tolerant of whitespace between lat-long coordinates (i.e. it doesn't matter whether there are ten, one or zero spaces between the values), but the hard rules are:

The default text is the coordinates for Keyhole and Google. Make sure your pasted-in values are in a vaguely similar format.

Give the output folder a name:

Paste your own coordinates here:

You'd like to generate: